Customer Relationship Management with Social Media…Dive right in!

Social Media has connected businesses and consumers in a way that presents new opportunities to engage with your customer base. Perhaps you’ve heard of Social Customer Relationship Management?  Essentially, it’s a strategy using the various tools provided by social media networks used to engage with your audience in real-time. To successfully operate a social CRM strategy you must first understand your objectives and the means in which to achieve them. Continue reading

Event Marketing-More than “just showing up”

Events, launches, showcases, roadshows, conventions, workshops, social mixers, Oh My!…

There are so many facets of planning and managing successful events. I have learned this over 10 years of event management experience. When I’m not working as Business Development Manager and Marketer for Litehouse, I’m actively involved with an all-women’s event series called girlPowerhour, where I have been an Event Director and Emcee for almost four years with my Sister Darnell Sue.  I hear it all the time… “you make it look so easy”, “women just show up”, “how do I start throwing events?”   Let me tell you…I WISH it was that easy!   Here are a few key pointers to follow the next time you’re throwing an event… Continue reading

Litehouse? Litehouse!

So, what exactly is Litehouse? And what exactly is the logo? While you’re free to interpret as you like, we came up with some personal ideas from the team as to what Litehouse means and combined them into one word: Guidingbeamofstrengthandopportunity- bringingmarketingideastolife (“Litehouse”). It is the new longest word in the English language, right next to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (“wonderful”) and Continue reading

Litehouse Launches – June 16, 2011

We are thrilled to announce the official launch of Litehouse – a brand new marketing & creative division at Aditi Technologies! Last Thursday, on June 16th, our team was joined by a throng of Microsofties, colleagues, and partners (Marketing Dialogues, Tenacious Ventures, and The Agency LLC) to celebrate this exciting time. Aditi has been delivering technical consulting for 17 years as a Systems Integrator, primarily around product development and testing on the Microsoft platform. Pradeep “Paddy” Continue reading