Litehouse? Litehouse!

So, what exactly is Litehouse? And what exactly is the logo? While you’re free to interpret as you like, we came up with some personal ideas from the team as to what Litehouse means and combined them into one word: Guidingbeamofstrengthandopportunity- bringingmarketingideastolife (“Litehouse”). It is the new longest word in the English language, right next to Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (“wonderful”) and Hepaticocholangiocholecystentersotomies (“gall bladder surgery”).

Here we have the definitions of Litehouse:

noun, verb, adjective, adverb, awesomeness: [lahyt-hous]

Pankaj, “A symbol of strength, steadfastness, longevity; something you can trust.”

Michele, “Litehouse brings marketing ideas to life, switching them on, and making them shine.”

Ashwin, “The guiding beam that will help marketers make the right decisions, navigate and land their initiatives in the rapidly evolving digital marketing space.”

Corrie, “Litehouse is funky and fun combined with a serious “get it right” attitude, providing clients with a cohesive marketing resource.”

Paddy, “Litehouse is an eclectic team of individuals with unique ideas, with the ability to narrow them down to your needs and arrive at your goals.”

Bob, “Litehouse – a place where raw ideas and experiences are embraced and refined by an entire team under ‘one roof.’”

Our logo is an abstract image on purpose. Some say it’s an aerial view of a litehouse with ideas emitting in all directions. Others say the center circle represents core marketing principles and the dots are our specialists coming together to create a magnetic campaign. Whatever you decide our logo to represent, keep this in mind:

We’re able to morph to our clients’ needs and interpretations, providing the best possible service with a firm core, and a creative center, which holds Litehouse together.

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