Reinventing the Wheel: NDTV Play

Product development is a thrilling experience.  I love the excitement of a blank canvas, inventing what hasn’t been done yet, and most importantly, giving our customer a product that makes them happy.

Microsoft invited Aditi to take part in the MS Web Excellence Challenge. The ‘Online Video Category’ was sponsored by NDTV, one of the biggest news media houses in Continue reading

Does your company need a social media policy?

Why does your company need a sound social media policy?

Who’s not on some kind of social network these days? Everyone in the workforce has easy access to Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube. It is impossible for a company to keep track of each and every employee’s tweets and status updates, and God forbid they’ve posted the video of your last holiday party where you were dancing with full abandon to Continue reading

Living, eating, breathing brands…24 x 7

People dress. People drive. People drink.   Each and every day, people go about their daily routine and make millions of choices along the way. They decide what cereal they are going to eat, which website they’re going to visit for their daily news, which restaurant they’ll grab lunch, which store to buy a gallon of milk after work… and the list goes on.  With the power of marketing and advertising, we are making these choices based on brand preference and brand loyalty, even though we may not even realize it! Continue reading