Living, eating, breathing brands…24 x 7

People dress. People drive. People drink.   Each and every day, people go about their daily routine and make millions of choices along the way. They decide what cereal they are going to eat, which website they’re going to visit for their daily news, which restaurant they’ll grab lunch, which store to buy a gallon of milk after work… and the list goes on.  With the power of marketing and advertising, we are making these choices based on brand preference and brand loyalty, even though we may not even realize it! Many people, including me, have become very loyal to certain brands and become “ambassadors” of sorts for these brands.

I’m a Pepsi girl. Why? The flavor and experience hits the spot every single time. I went to Orlando for a conference thirteen years ago and I was literally running around trying to find my beloved drink since Coca Cola is headquartered in the South and that was all they served!

I worked with a guy who grew up in Detroit. The brand loyalty was in his blood. All he ever drove was Ford vehicles, and Ford is all he will ever drive. Period.

Sometimes people comment on the custom IV drip of Starbucks I carry around. I can’t help it. I love Starbucks and won’t go anywhere else. It’s consistently good, they know exactly how to make my Grande extra-hot, 1%, no-water chai tea latte, and I’m convinced I can’t function in the morning until I’ve had my fix.

I’ve always been very impressed by companies that have driven strong brand loyalty.  There probably isn’t a formula to getting people hooked, but understanding your companies’ persona as well as your customer is a good place to start. Once these two pieces are defined, creative marketing can be implemented to start building brand awareness, gaining those true and loyal followers.

We’re interested… what brand are you loyal to, and why?

 – Michele

4 thoughts on “Living, eating, breathing brands…24 x 7

  1. Brand loyalty for me shifts based on one question. Does the brand add value to make my life better, easier or more fun? If it can do this then I am on board. If the brand continues to deliver time and time again with each new product or service then I will stay on board and even put up with a few flops here and there. Although since I am a bit of an early adopter I am open to trying out all different types to see how they compare. I also end up using many brands for different types of tasks instead of sticking to one, thus leveraging each of their strengths.

    Some of the brands that have added value for me are Microsoft Office, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, Facebook, Oberto (I love beef Jerky), etc…

  2. Great read, and so true! I was wondering if you guys have any research that showcases brand loyalty and followings amongst various generations (Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials etc.)

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