How to Successfully Manage a Project:

In today’s very fast-paced business environment, project managers need agile reflexes, quick thinking, and rapid decision-making skills.

Here are my best practices to help guarantee that my projects stay on track and that they are successfully delivered every time.

To successfully manage my projects, I ensure that the team has:

  1. A clear vision of the project
  2. A common point of reference. (in other words, a detailed specification document)
  3. Adept management of the final product and features
  4. Effective staffing of the team
  5. Regular sync-up meetings and milestone reviews
  6. A detailed schedule
  7. A post-mortem meeting (in order to make certain the next project is even more successful)

Also, possessing strong communication and leadership skills are valuable assets too. The Program Manager will often have to bridge a gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders, communicating effectively with both types of stakeholders and helping them communicate with one another.

Ironically, the Project Manager really has to be “everybody’s friend…and nobody’s friend” in order to lead each project to success.

Here’s what fellow Aditians have to say about their approach to project management:

  • I enjoy project management because it brings both the creative and collaborative side to the table. All the customer’s needs and different minds come into play to realize a smooth execution and product delivery.
  • My approach to project management is to collaborate, brainstorm, and get the user scenarios and goals very simple and well understood. Collaborate!
  • I over communicate, get the goals well understood, make the engineers attend fewer meetings, am agile and stick to the plan!

– Mariam Zniber

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