A Changing of the Guard in Marketing

There is a changing of the guard currently occurring in business – a change in how companies are beginning to market their products/ services, drive sales and support customers. What is even more exciting is that we are just beginning to scratch the surface of what will be a huge opportunity. The intersection of Social Media, Digital and Mobility is at the helm of this change. There has never been a better opportunity to get super targeted and super broad at the same time with both reinforcing each other.

To illustrate my point let’s start with how businesses conventionally drive marketing today – Most of the marketing motions talk “at the customers,” categorize customers in “audiences,” engage with them using very “structured” methods, with the majority of the air cover provided by expensive “advertisements,” where the intent is to capture “eye balls” of the audiences and finally influence a “professional” to endorse the product/ service. The new viral world embodies an opportunity to do things differently and more effectively.

  • The opportunity to target the customers better is accentuated due to the availability of relevant information in the Socialsphere and helps companies  talk “to customers” (vs “at customers”)
  • The artificially defined “audiences” categories get superseded by “online communities” where prospective customers have self-selected to take part
  • Engagement becomes more “grassroots oriented” – more casual, conversational, and two-way which helps build greater affinity to the products/ brand
  • “Applications” that deliver a self-contained experiences will replace Ads – Apps offer a way to provide a experience where companies have better control over the work flow that they want the customers to go through
  • It’s no longer about eyeballs but the “conversations.” Conversions are meaningful, two way and contextual (vs one way eyeball capture)
  • Finally, it’s about influencing a swath of “consumers” that represent a much stronger potential for impact because the influence and conversations are happening in presence of millions of people.

This has been my fundamental driver in starting Market Dialogues Inc – our intent is to help customers enable this transformation.

– Tejas Dixit                                                                                                                       Guest Blogger | Market Dialogues

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