SEM Apocalypse. Search Trends.

Part 1: Interest-based advertising

Search Engine Marketing now can be used to hyper-target consumers based on location or interest. The biggest change –is in the way that targeting can now be drilled down to user interest, behavior and search patterns.

Competition and multiple device usage proliferation have necessitated this shift in focus.

SEM and paid advertising need to be managed more holistically by integrating social media into campaign management practices to account for interest-based targeting.

Shoppers today spend more time looking for deals online spurred by a “daily deal economy.” PPC advertising online has become integrated with Smart Ads and Dynamic Display Ads, again based on interest-based searches that target customer preferences.

Interest-based advertising based on categories is based on the type of website a browser visits. For example, if a user visits ESPN often, Google will know that user is interested in sports and try to display ads that interest the user – sports merchandise advertising for instance.

Users have control over how these ads are displayed to them. Users can add or remove categories from their preferences section at

Given these options, advertiser can now target their users better, maximizing advertising dollar spend.

– Binny Kurian 

Senior Interactive Media Manager

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