Social & Mobile Paid Searches in 2012

Paid search has been historically focused on desktop searches.  However, in 2012 the focus is shifting to include social media and mobile devices. Social media is already a component of organic search and will now begin to work together with pay-per-click avenues to increase customer reach and branding. The success of Facebook’s Cost-per-click (CPC) program in delivering campaign objectives via the paid channel is a great example. Continue reading

CONTENT – The Winning strategy for SEO

You have probably heard the SEO saying “Content is king.” You also may be familiar with Google executive Matt Cutts’ view that quality content is key to Google rankings.

Search marketers need to consider content marketing. Search engines focus on providing users with the most relevant and best available content. This boosts the user experience on the site, thereby reducing bounce rates. Adding blog posts, Tweets and authoritative information, such as whitepapers and research findings, to your site can generate traffic. Continue reading

You wrote a blog post. Now what?

We all know that blogging is an important part of social media marketing/online branding.  Increasing the visibility of each post is also part of social media marketing. After writing a post, sending it out via your company’s RSS feed is not enough. Bloggers need to leverage social media tools and sites, targeting users and followers on various platforms. Be it a personal blog or a corporate one, there has to be a proper blog marketing plan. Continue reading