You wrote a blog post. Now what?

We all know that blogging is an important part of social media marketing/online branding.  Increasing the visibility of each post is also part of social media marketing. After writing a post, sending it out via your company’s RSS feed is not enough. Bloggers need to leverage social media tools and sites, targeting users and followers on various platforms. Be it a personal blog or a corporate one, there has to be a proper blog marketing plan. Here are important steps that bloggers should take after writing a post, so that each post’s reach is extended as much as possible:

  • Publish your blog post once and share it often: Once you publish your blog post, share it on your social media sites. Tailor the message or headline for each platform and community to get the most out of it.

  • Post teasers or announce your next blog post title in your current post: to Promote the next blog post to build anticipation.
  • Seek and assist on Twitter: Share your blog post with people on Twitter who could be interested in your post.
  • Add to your email signature/company newsletter: Add your latest blog post title to your email signature and incorporate it into your company newsletter.
  • Integrate social plugins on your post: Allow users to share the post through one click via social plugins on your blog post.
  • Comment on others’ blogs: Follow blogs from a relevant industry, post comments on their blogs, add backlinks and develop relationships.
  • Post your content on social bookmarking sites: Share your content on popular social bookmarking sites and become a part of the community.
  • Link back your current blog post with your previous one:  Hyperlink relevant keywords in your new post with the previous blog post.

Stay tuned for the next blog post on “Brand Storytelling and Social Media.”

– Apollo Singh

Lead Social Media

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