CONTENT – The Winning strategy for SEO

You have probably heard the SEO saying “Content is king.” You also may be familiar with Google executive Matt Cutts’ view that quality content is key to Google rankings.

Search marketers need to consider content marketing. Search engines focus on providing users with the most relevant and best available content. This boosts the user experience on the site, thereby reducing bounce rates. Adding blog posts, Tweets and authoritative information, such as whitepapers and research findings, to your site can generate traffic.

The top reasons why marketers should think about content marketing when planning their SEO strategy:

1.      Search engines’ changing pattern

Top search engines like Google and Bing show real-time results on Search Engine Results Pages and shared content ranks higher in organic search. Personalized search will be the future in organic search, thanks to the slowly growing popularity of Google+.

2.      Panda effect

Since Google Panda – Google’s search results ranking algorithm change –  it is increasingly important to write content for humans rather than for search engines. Content without the right blend of keywords results in a decline in rankings. Hence using the right keywords plays a crucial role in SEO and content marketing.

3.      Better content increases conversion rates

People love content that caters to their needs. A website that offers the right content and the best mix of keywords will result in higher retainership rates, thereby increasing the volume of sales. Every website should have a content strategy. The effectiveness of such a strategy can be tracked with the new Google Analytics feature called In-page Analytics, which provides infomation about what sections of the page in a website are viewed by visitors.

Content will remain the driving force around search, and social will help spread content.

-Chetan Rajashekhariah

Interactive Media Manager

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