Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) – Benefits and Best-Practices

CRO is now seen as an important tool intended to significantly improve the effectiveness of your online efforts.

So what is CRO?

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a unique and fresh approach to online marketing. While online marketing efforts (SEO, Paid Search) focus on traffic generation and new visitors to the website, CRO is solely focused on traffic monetization: getting the most value out of the users already visiting your site.

CRO becomes important for e-commerce websites with low conversion rates. Opting for CRO could increase conversions by up to 300%. CRO is seen as a direct measure to achieve business objectives. The ultimate goal of conversion optimization is to make every visitor count.

The benefits of CRO include:

• Convert website visitors into customers
• Establish a stronger, more- engaged user base
• Improve user experience
• Increase revenue and profits
• Generate more repeat business
• Continuous optimization

Having listed the benefits of CRO, it is equally important to know how it can be achieved and what the best- practices are for the same. CRO is based on the concept of understanding consumer behavior and delivering them the right results.

The key pillars include:

• Responsive web design
• Ease of navigation
• Use of language
• Content placement
• Strong call-to-actions
• Better engagement and user interaction

After all of the time and investment put into your website and other marketing assets, it makes it even that much more important to improve customer acquisition and conversion. CRO is a great tool to add to the mix.

CRO makes sense because your profit margin is directly tied to your conversion rate!

-Chetan Rajashekharaiah
Interactive Media Manager

Inspiration From: Soubhagya Mohakud – Program Manager Aditi Litehouse