The Left Click for the Right Clique

An evening with WTIA and Aditi Litehouse

WTIA and Aditi Litehouse hosted leading marketeers in the Seattle-Bellevue area to discuss best practices in online customer acquisition.

Here’s a quick look at the highlights from the event

A big thank you to our panelists


From left to right

Tablet Showdown
The competition was fierce: 54.5% of votes went to the iPad Mini, 45.5% to the Microsoft Surface. Statistically speaking, this was a pretty tight race.
Key Takeaways
  • Social in the marketing mix: Neha spoke about Amex’ use of the Link Like Love program to engage consumers
  • B2B: the jury’s out on all the best practices for business customer engagement, but Elissa and Pradeep made mention of LinkedIn as a productive community
  • Search: remains a key part of the go-forward investment b2c and b2b for all panelist businesses — but focus on social is growing
  • Mobile: panelists suggested it cannot be ignored as a means for engaging with existing customers if not a means for acquiring new ones
  • Metrics: common themes were discussed around cost of customer acquired, conversion rates; Peter talked about the creation of a ‘custom social index’ for social engagement tracking
Here’s how the marketeers would spend their millions…
The question was: if you had an extra Million dollars to spend in online marketing, how would you spend it?
Responses included the following services, from most popular to least popular:
Twitterati speak






Clicks of the right clique

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