Give me my ‘Refresh’ button!

I love Chrome on my iPhone. But there is this one irritant that I thought I should bring up. Here are some images of the same page (I’m a big tennis and Roger fan) as it appears in Safari and Chrome for iOS.


10 seconds to notice a key difference between both and then the gripe/argument.

Notice that Chrome does not have a refresh button? Keeps bugging the crap out of me that the refresh is actually hidden underneath the menu! I don’t know about you, but I’m guessing that a lot of people track things like scores, stock orders, etc. I think, to not have a visible refresh button is just bad.

Here are some arguments not to have it:
1. How many users actually need to refresh?
2. This kind of stuff is usually accessed in ‘apps’.
3. Provide a refresh button in your page if you are showing constantly updated data.
4. Force an auto refresh or use some sort of script to push newer data at regular intervals.

You know what… I don’t care! The browser on my computer has a refresh button. I’m used to F5. Please don’t take that away from me just because I’m on a phone.

UPDATE: Chrome on Android sports a swanky refresh button. Not freakin’ fair!


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