Where the Code Gets Shipped: Aditi Litehouse

ImageGreat ideas come in a great workplace. And great workplace have great workstations.

Every Aditian has a unique way of designing their workstation that will best suit themselves. There’s a saying that you can read a person’s attitude and personality by the look of their workstation.

William Faulkner said “A bus station is where a bus stops. A train station is where a train stops. On my desk, I have a work station….”

In the first edition of  ‘Where the code gets shipped’, we get you a sneak peek into one of the coolest bays at Aditi…Litehouse!

A happy go lucky team which has bagged several customer centric and fun-tastic awards. Aditi Litehouse is that part of the office which makes people’s heads turn and stop to look around. Take a walk with us to look at the Litehouse bay at Aditi Technologies. Image Image Image

ImageWall paintings – Each team member has a designated wall for art-work.


A wonderful playlist and a boombox makes you groove.


Different LED screen sizes for responsive testing and multi-tasking.


And there’s LIVE weather report too!


Colorful bean bags for taking a short nap after a sleepless night.



The white boards are filled with doodles at any point of time.


Acknowledgement for the great work.



Be a sport. Play a sport!


Crisis time? Lets gather NOW – Anywhere, Anytime! No meeting request hassles.


The sound-proof conference room for meetings and calls.


The top view of the entrance to the bay.


With their Funtastic team trophy

Here are some more interesting stats that boosts their productivity
Distance from the entrance: 50 feet
Distance from the coffee machine: 30 feet
Distance from the smoking zone: 50 feet

The Litehouse Team


So what’s your ideal workstation? Feel free to share with us what you think is the most important thing on a workstation and tell us which items you love the most.

By: Sachin Katekar



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