Woo Your Customers with Predictive User Experience!


Today, we are in the midst of a revolution wherein customer experience is the currency by which companies will live or die.  More than ever before, customers are now truly in charge of the power to express their opinion openly and make them count. With the convergence of cloud, social and mobile, the customer can now be an instant expert, instant advocate or an instant critic.

Gone are the days where customers have been just considered as numbers or accounts. It is high time that they are regarded as unique human beings with distinct sets of needs. We need to acknowledge that they now expect more than just a product or service. They expect a relationship that is on equal terms. We need to earn their trust and keep up to it.

Today we are in the midst of ever-connected, always-on, highly opinionated, on-the-move customers.

Not so long ago, every business assumed that the key to delivering great customer experience was only about understanding the need and reacting to it.

But now, customers are expected to be at the center of the world and giving them that special attention would mean empathizing and connecting to them at an emotional level. When we treat customers like individuals, predict their interests & preferences and proactively deliver those experiences, magic happens.

Thanks to the large amount of data that organizations have, it is used as leverage to identify patterns and build new models to predict future actions. While one aspect of using this data can help businesses achieve saving cost, the other most important use of this data will be in delivering superior experiences even before the demand.

This layer of intelligence to deliver a personalized and contextual Predictive Experience (that I may call) is going to be the way forward for businesses to become a customer’s company.

The latest report reveals that only a third of surveyed businesses are already in the game. Successful companies will only be ones that can harness real-time and predictive aspects of analytics and combine it with the user experience.

Here are examples of few such companies that are revolutionizing predictive experiences, making them have a notable advantage over the competition.

Their effort in becoming a customer’s company is evident with their investment on developing a “Digital Companion”. The predictive experience they aim to deliver, elevates the notion of a car. It transforms from the “best driving experience” to “an old friend” who knows you and you learn to trust.


The anticipatory shipping initiative by Amazon has set the retail industry on fire. With anticipatory shipping, the idea is to use the data to predict what customers want and then ship the products automatically.

Think of the feelings you get when you see that an Amazon package has arrived at your door — it’s delightful and exciting, even though you know what it is. I bet those feelings are amplified when you don’t know what’s in the box.


To remain the pioneer in moving the customer experience needle, you need to deliver predictive experiences to your customers that can connect at an emotional level.

And, it is this emotional bond that can turn your customers into loyal advocates.

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By: Mohan Krishnaraj
Sr. Director – User Experience
Aditi Litehouse