5 Key Business Functions Social Media Can Enhance

Fact: ‘72.6% of salespeople who use social media outperform their colleagues who aren’t using it.’

There is no denying the fact that social media, if done right, can do wonders for a business. Most organizations depend on some kind of funding or revenue. They have to keep either customers or stakeholders or both happy. Social media can help satisfy these needs. Let’s get into the specifics of which business functions can be amplified with social media.


Like all other communication channels, social media can help drive sales revenue. When it comes to leveraging social media to increase sales for an organization, acquiring net new customers via social channels and converting them via social engagement are two basic ways of driving sales. If you try to be creative enough, you can also leverage social media to increase the number and frequency of customer transactions in addition to increasing the yield (buy rate) of customer transactions.

You can also increase sales by amplifying the reach of the marketing campaigns.


You want to increase sales of your newly launched perfume. You create an ad campaign for it, with PR and other marketing and promotional collaterals. 10 years ago, this would mean TV, radio, print, billboards, events, dealer incentives, point of purchase displays, and trade reviews. It is still relevant today, except that media environment is richer today. Television ads and other videos have huge audience on YouTube. Blogs can enhance the relevance and depth of content around the new perfume. Facebook presence can be leveraged to promote discussions, publish videos and articles, schedule events, launch contests and distribute offers.

Companies can also promote special sales and offers directly through social platforms without being too pushy!

Customer Support

Today brands are at an advantage since most of the conversations and mentions of a company or brand happen openly out there on social. It implies that your customer support department can easily monitor on what is being talked and how the public opinion of your brand is faring. A brand now has the power to spot trouble, help the customers in need and immediately sort out the issues. It all depends on the brand whether to make or mar its reputation in front of the customers.

Human Resources

You can either sift through piles of resumes or hire through trusted networks of peers, colleagues and friends. You can either take your chances on strangers or trust someone you know has your best interest in mind to recommend only qualified applicants they think will be a good fit.

I am sure it’s easy to make a choice here. 🙂

Public Relations

Social media has direct and immediate impact on the way your business is perceived in public. The ability to monitor online mentions of a company name or particular product or service gives companies the opportunity to respond to negative attitudes, invalidate false humor and separate myth from fact.

This practice is commonly called as ‘online reputation management’ or ‘digital reputation management’.

Business Intelligence

Everything in social media is easy to monitor and searchable. Access to Business Intelligence is now cheaper, faster and richer.  From keyword searches to analysis covering share of voice, sentiment, and volume of mentions, the amount of actionable information a company can capture on the social web is mind blowing!

Social media is one of the most important areas of focus when it comes to social media integration for organizations. It’s the first area a brand should look into.

Get your social stuff going then!

By: Prerna Singh

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