They said the line needs to be straight. But i asked ‘Why’?


Amidst all the number crunching days and being a science buff, I almost forgot the childhood winter holidays spent in ‘art competitions’ with my siblings.  Being competitive by nature, my focus always on finishing first, through shortcuts such as avoiding intricate details and taking the easy route (eg: Drawing a mermaid facing backwards as I could not draw faces). I was always happy to be the first to finish. But, looking back, I realize I failed to appreciate the joy that my siblings got from just doing a good job of the painting rather than finishing first!

I still remember how my brother and sister with their constant movement of pencil on a simple curve of the nose, taking their time to draw out each strand of the mermaid’s hair. They even seemed to enjoy every single mistake they made – the rework, erasing and drawing again, to perfectly lay out their thoughts and feelings on the paper with their beautiful fingers dancing to some silent music.

After almost over a decade lost in numbers, logic, rationality, sensible readings and debates which I adore a lot, joining Aditi has brought me back to a place where I can keenly observe some of the creative inspiring lot. I only hope I can make up for what I missed during my childhood winter holidays out of naive ignorance. People in my office are barely seen seated or glued to their seats; but once something catches their attention, they will deep dive and will not move till they are satisfied with their outcome. Delivery timelines or client deadlines don’t rattle them, but a wrong stroke on a wall painting or a muddled color contrast or imprecise alignment gets them all restive and they crib pretty blatantly about it. Mind you, these people don’t come under the “self-claimed artist” category. The ones that force you to visit their blogs, photography Facebook pages or websites and demand appreciation usually by forcing you to hit that insignificant “like” icon.

Coming back to my colleagues and their subtle problems with “discipline in presentation” which I love to mock at, who I think are real artists. They never fish for compliments; in fact, they are uncomfortable when you happen to like their work, and they are shy and very possessive of their creations. They are way too critical about their work and rest only when they are satisfied about their own critical comments.

They enjoy every extra effort spent in bringing out the minute details which are quite often casually ignored by the likes of me. They iterate and reiterate their thought process, and the end result is often an impeccable product oozing out with loads of creativity.  But the creators are often still dissatisfied! Maybe, that is how being creative feels, always being unsatisfied, living in one world and trying to capture a different world.

And for me, I still love my reliable numbers and will always continue to do so, but I sure have started observing and admiring the lost souls, so clear sometimes and completely blurred sometimes.

If you appreciate the finer points in design and if you believe you’re downright whacko creative, we would love to meet you! Interested in catching up with us over a cuppa?

By Mitali Shekhawat